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October 2014 - Museum Dispatch

We hope everybody had a good summer! 

The Board Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted.  These meetings are open to the general membership and guests who are encouraged to participate in all discussions.  Because dinner precedes all Board meetings, we would appreciate it if friends RSVP at least a day before, (520) 795-9484.


Our Acquisitions and Exhibits Committee members are busy every Wednesday morning cataloguing our collections and  preparing displays. One section is dedicated to the Girl Scouts.

Thanks are extended to Luis Romero, Mike Maynard and Jim Nelson.

If anybody would like to visit the Museum, please call (520) 795-9484 to arrange a tour.

A few months ago, Gene Denk, a charter member of our Museum now living in San Luis Obispo, CA, came across a letter sent by Otis to him and his wife Lorraine dated March 30, 1985. This letter is reproduced here in its entirety because of its historical importance. By way of background, Otis had attended a weekend Woodbadge course (WE-5-11-84) in the fall of 1984.  Gene Denk was the Scoutmaster of that course as well as Otis’ counselor.  At the conclusion of the course, Otis selected the formal establishment of a Scout Museum as his project in order to complete his ticket.  As is evident from the letter, Otis first intended to have the Museum located at the Council headquarters and had already secured permission from the Council Executive Board to do so. As it turned out, it was not feasible to have our Scout Museum located at the Council.

Therefore, Otis and his volunteer helpers decided to incorporate  the Museum and establish it at his home, where it remains today. 


Annual Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, at

6:30 p.m. at the Museum followed by a short Board meeting.

Annual Holiday Party (Open House) of the Otis H. Chidester Scout Museum of Southern Arizona will be held on Saturday,        


January  10, 2015, 12:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.

The Annual Membership Meeting of the Otis H. Chidester Scout Museum of Southern Arizona will be held on Tuesday,  January 27, 2015, at  6:30 P.M. at the Pima County Medical Society Auditorium, 5199 E. Farness Dr., Tucson AZ  85712.

Committee Chairpersons are asked to submit their annual reports by January 15, 2015.


(Summer of 1961 -  Contd.)

Sunday August 13.

Rain and mild.  9th and the last week. Charlie Parker picked me up at my house at 1140.  Went by and got Marvin, then got Bo, and finally got to camp at 1400.  Pete was there and took the rest of his stuff down.  Phil Young is not here any more, nor is Dave, so Jack decided to move in with Eric and me.  It rained hard at 1945.  John German and I went to my tent and chased a skunk out  from under the tent platform.  Then Jack, John and I went to Summerhaven .  We bowled for a while and then came back to camp.  We had to drive slowly because of fog.  Got to bed at 2330.  Project of this week: get things together to go home for the year.

Monday, August 14.

Rain and mild.  I got handed the Senior Patrol Leader Badge this morning at flag raising.  I put an old toilet seat in the Pima Latrine, very comfortable.  Bo Windfry moved into my tent, and now there are four.  At 1720, Jack, Eric, and I played hockey in the Craft Lodge with a hard rubber ball.  It started to rain after supper and it kept up until half way through the evening program.  Went to bed at 2130.

Tuesday, August 15.

Rain and fog.  Rained from 0300 to 0600. Then the clouds lowered until you couldn’t see the store or the big tree behind the Archery Shack.  It lifted at 1130.  After lunch, Eric, Jack and I played hockey in the Craft Lodge.  At 2120, the whole staff went the Summerhaven.  Marvin Stafford drove
Charlie’s car and Efern drove the Council truck.  Charlie’s car ran out of gas just past Soldiers Lake, so we all got in the Council truck and got the Summerhaven.  Marvin and a few others got some gas and put it in the car.  Efern  and the two McAllistars came back to camp in the truck early.  The rest of us continued to bowl and I played a song on the Wurlitzer called “Yogi”.  Got back to camp and went to bed at 2300.

Wednesday August 16.

Rain and cold.  At 1015 it rained very hard.  The Checkdarn (scouts aren’t supposed to swear)  between the Craft Lodge and the Nature Lodge sprung a leak.  It rained about 1 5/8”.  I took 21 boys and the scoutmaster and Jerry Murray on an overnite hike to Rose Canyon Lake at 1700.  We went by some bees and a boy got stung several times. The scoutmaster said that he had never seen him move so fast.  He was rather unhappy about the trip.  Got to Rose Canyon Lake at 1930.  Some of us went down to the lake while the cooks got supper ready.  There was a beautiful sunset.  Echo 1 (an orbiting satellite) passed over 2 times tonite.  Got to bed at 2220.  Drank some fizzies before retiring.

Thursday, August 17.

Rain and mild.  Got up at 0600.  Ate breakfast.  Very slow going.  Might make it to camp by noon.  Left at 0930.  About ¾ of the way back, I took the strongest natives and got back to camp at 1100.  Murray came in at 1130 with the stronger natives and the scoutmaster brought in the weakest natives at 1200.  At 1340 it started to rain, and at 1350 it hailed stones 3/8  of an inch in size.  Finally stopped raining at 1550.  The lightning struck the same tree that it did on August 2.   It rained again about 1715.  A tree down by the Rifle Range got struck by lightning.  It tore off a piece 29’ 9”  long and went down the center of the tree.  Another project for the week: make a box 30’ long and a foot square and air tight to put the split off log in and open it once a year to smell it.  During campfire program, which was a fun nite, the pillow broke and cotton went all over the pace.  Afterwards, Bo and I ate cookies and milk, then went to the Nature lodge and fed Qurisoty, the white rat.  Jack and Eric came back at 2150.  At 2200, a rain storm came up suddenly, and it rained very hard for a while.  Went to bed by jing!

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